Elena Karlova. In Siberia she is called “The Sun of Altai”.

Famous artist, author of paintings and mandalas, designer of clothes and accessories that are based on her own artworks. Popular energy consultant, author and presenter of workshops on the topic of human destiny, family happiness and personal values.

“You can see my paintings at home. However they are used not as a part of interior, they are symbols of love and harmony. There are my pictures in offices too, not only as an element of style, but also as a symbol of good luck. I suppose this is my work – to make energetically 'charged' paintings, 'happy' clothes and accessories that are able to bring you Power and Energy”.

Symbols of Happiness

Catalog. Happy Clothes 2017

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Clothes and accessories. Fashion collection 2016

Clothes and accessories. Fashion collection 2016

Interior paintings

Interior paintings

Clothes and accessories. Fashion collection 2017

Clothes and accessories. Fashion collection 2017

Ceramic art

Ceramic art

My artworks in the interiors

My artworks in the interiors


Make the sun for yourself!

In pursuit of a 'happy life', we sometimes forget what this concept initially includes.


Elena Karlova in Kazakhstan!

Articles about us

'The Thousand and One Mandala'.  Russian artist Elena Karlova presented in Almaty her artworks, that make people happy.

Moscow. Art exhibition. Business Centre 'Legion 1'


'На Ордынке, на Ордынке, где фасады по старинке'... (Russian song)

Shooting, meetings, interviews. Amazing week in Moscow.

The world is like a mirror. It shows us the reflection of our thoughts and feelings.

Art Fashion Show 'Venus in Furs'

For centuries scientists and philosophers have tried to unravel the secrets of human's consciousness and creation, and even more - to descover the mysteries of the mind of the 'fair half of


We create our own lives! Do you agree?

Art Fashion Show 'Space Geometry'. Moscow. Conference hall PAO 'Gazprom'


Dreams come true! On New Year's Eve we brought to Moscow a collection of 'happy' dresses by Elena Karlova

Elena Karlova in Sochi

Space geometry is taking over the Earth!

Fashion show. Collection 2017. Barnaul.


On New Year's Eve a fashionable collection 'Space Geometry' became a gift for our dear women.

Art-Gallery. Kazan.

On November, 3rd Art-Quest 'Picture of the World' took place as part of the 8th specialized exhibition 'ART-GALLERY. KAZAN'.

World Fine Art Festival 'VERA'

In 2015 the largest IX International Festival of Fine Arts 'VERA' took place in Portugal, Lisbon! The festival was attended by more than 100 artists from 25 countries. Elena Karlova

Exhibition and Fair Art-trend. Saint Petersburg.


A bright event in the field of design, fashion and art units dozens of artists, fashion designers and jewelers from Russia and abroad. Artworks of about 100 Russian and foreign

Barnaul. Art gallery 'Turina gora'

Barnaul, Art gallery 'Turina Gora'. Exhibition 'Gold of Mandala' by the designer-decorator Elena Karlova! At the exhibition about 40 artworks were presented. Including ceramics, souvenirs


Perfection from the inside out: Practical Knowledge to Improve Your Living

Perfection from the inside out: Practical Knowledge to Improve Your Living

Do you have a feeling that you are more than the person you are today? Do you remember what happy and bright future you dreamed of when you were a young girl? Have you managed to achieve your it and become the Woman of your Dreams?

Elena Karlova - Famous Siberian Artist. Personal development and self-enrichment consultant, master of positive thinking, author of personal MANDALAS made in a traditional technique of gilding.

Thanks to the years of spiritual practices and meditations, Elena was able to change her life and has gone the way from Cinderella to a well-known status lady. She could discover and develop her divine talent and find family happiness. Nowadays

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