Perfection from the inside out: Practical Knowledge to Improve Your Living

Perfection from the inside out: Practical Knowledge to Improve Your Living

Do you have a feeling that you are more than the person you are today? Do you remember what happy and bright future you dreamed of when you were a young girl? Have you managed to achieve your it and become the Woman of your Dreams?

Elena Karlova - Famous Siberian Artist. Personal development and self-enrichment consultant, master of positive thinking, author of personal MANDALAS made in a traditional technique of gilding.

Thanks to the years of spiritual practices and meditations, Elena was able to change her life and has gone the way from Cinderella to a well-known status lady. She could discover and develop her divine talent and find family happiness. Nowadays Elena gives very successful workshops, trainings, and meetings for women in many cities of Russia.

Only a presence of this amazing woman inspires a creative rethinking of yourself, brings joy of discovery and wonderful changes in life. 'You hold the keys to the kingdom! We all can become what we want', says Elena, 'any woman can radically change her character, her life. We all are created in the image and likeness of God (our Creator), so we are able to create ourselves too. Let's use this gift and create ourselves and our lives! A powerful energy hidden in our minds is able to translate our hopes and dreams into reality'.

Despite the fact that we all are different, each of us has the same desire – the desire to be happy. In our world there isn't a person who will plan their own sufferings.

- Why is it so? Why do a lot of people become more and more unhappy in the search of happiness?
- Is there a way out of this maze of sufferings?
- How to create your own destiny?
- Why is there one or another twist of fate? Because of the long arm of coincidence? Or is this our fault?
- How to become consciously happy?

During the workshop you will understand the influence of various fine energies that manage the consciousness and behaviour of a person..

At Elena's workshops and trainings the most important topics are examined and studied:

  • The weaker sex - the secrets of strength and power.
  • How to love yourself. Self-respect...
  • How to behave properly with a man … (If you do not love yourself, then in your life you attract men who will prove that to you.)
  • Relationship between a woman and a man - rights and duties.
  • What are children and their role in our lives.
  • How to change yourself and understand whether you need it ... How to understand your destination.
  • How to get rid of fears and negative experiences ... (techniques of self-acceptance).
  • How to become successful in all spheres of life ... (Rules for working with affirmations).
  • Rules for writing and sending messages to the universe!
  • Techniques of writing negative attitudes or setting goals for the moon in decrement or increscent moon.

Every lesson is a revelation! This is a practice, active work on yourself and on the quality of your life. Everything you learn is based on real working experience with men and women. This is an invaluable experience of practice in spiritual and psychological counseling that can make your life bright and rich.

If you are confused in love or family relationships, daily problems, do not know how to achieve a desired future, or simply have lost the joy of being, perhaps all you need is a qualified advice from an experienced mentor! Let the positive energy of creation go into your life, and you will see positive changes in the world around.